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Who is this program for?

It is for children aged 2 to 4.

How big are the groups?

The groups consist of up to 5 children.

What is my child going to learn in this course?

The students are going to develop their aural, sight reading and rhythmic skills by singing melodies, clapping with a melody or just repeating a fun rhythm, and learning to visually recognise the music notes.

What methods are used during the lessons?

  • Program philosophy

Prodigies focuses on pitch during your child’s critical period for auditory development. This makes it fun & easy for your kids while having a long-lasting effect on your child’s sense of pitch.

  • Early exposure to pitch
Your kids will develop a strong tonal center while singing and hand-signing with Solfege, colors, note names & more
  • Brain Based Vocabulary

Music is demystified by applying motions, numbers, colors, hand-signs and group names to the musical notes

How long are the lessons?

The group lessons are with the duration of 30 minutes.

Which platform is used for this course?

The class is on a Skype group chat. Every student will need a device with Skype installed on it. Your child will need also to have the Tonara app installed on their device for their practice between the lessons.

What else will my child get?

Your child will get a free Tonara account where they will receive assignments and points for completion in a form of worksheets and audio aural exercises for practice between the lessons.

What is the cost of the yearly tuition and the different payment options?

​The price of the course is €700 per school year with the option to be paid in 10 monthly installments of €70 per month, and it doesn’t include the music sheets.