Anna Alexander is the founder and owner of the International Online Pluck&Play Harp Academy, which she created with the mission to benefit the global culture and community through creating fine musicians.

Anna Alexander is a Bulgarian harpist from German descent. She begins her musical education when she is only four years old playing the piano. Her piano teacher and her music theory teacher quickly discover that she is extremely talented and thanks to their advice, when she is seven years old, she takes an entry exam and is accepted to study piano in the National Music School in Sofia.

When she is twelve years old, in the National Music School, she starts learning to play the harp as a second instrument. Captivated by the beauty of the harp, she then chooses the harp to be her first music instrument and continues to study the piano as a second instrument.

Anna graduates from the National Music School in Sofia, getting a high school diploma in the art of harp while she is a student of prof. Malina Hristova and Kohar Andonyan. She then takes entry exams in the National Music Academy in Sofia and is accepted as a harp student in it. However, she cancels her education there and instead continues her harp studies in Rome with a pupil of the legendary harpist Maria Vittoria Grossi- prof. Ofelia Guglielmi. In Italy, she also attends a master class with Ursula Holliger. The same year, she takes an entry exam in the Conservatory of Music “Santa Cecilia” where she is accepted as a harp student with her teacher prof. Ofelia Guglielmi. As a student there, she amazes her teachers with her great musicality and talent. There she advances with an unprecedented speed, becoming one of the most promising young harpists.

​Prof. Ofelia Guglielmi says about her that she has a talent, the like of which she had never encountered in her twenty years of experience as a professor of harp. Her opinion is shared by prof. Malina Hristova, who says about her that she has an amazing ability to learn new pieces very quickly and then to offer a high musical stage performance.

Later, Anna chooses the UK as her home, where she continues developing her career and raises her family. Throughout her career, she teaches hundreds of students, helping them develop their musical talents. In 2013, she founds the International Online Pluck&Play Harp Academy, while having students from different countries. The same year, she also becomes the first harp teacher who offers an early harp education in Bulgaria, thus devoting herself to bringing the western harp into her country of birth. Especially for the students in the Academy, she develops a unique method that brings unprecedented advancement in their harp studies, while maintaining a lifelong love for the harp and its art. Even her youngest students receive prizes and medals in competitions. Her students perform in different countries, becoming big contributors to their local cultures, thus fulfilling the Academy’s mission.