Who is this course for?

This course is for students who have a main teacher, but wish to take a master course with a teacher in The Pluck&Play harp academy for more intensive studies, which can also help with preparation for exams and competitions.

For which levels is this master course suitable?

This master course is suitable for intermediate and advanced students, but could benefit beginners as well.

How long is the master course?

The master course is 5 days long with daily lessons of 2 hours per day.

Are there any requirements for taking this course?

The student has to send a list of their pieces beforehand.

Which platform is used for this course?

This course is on YOUBRIO. Every student will need to have a device with the YOUBRIO app downloaded on it or could use YOUBRIO on a computer.

Do I need to have a harp at home in order to enrol in this course?

Every student needs to have a harp at home in order to enrol in this course.

What is the cost of this course?

The price of the course is €500, and it doesn’t include the music sheets.