What level does this course cover?

It covers the advanced level of grades 6, 7 and 8 ABRSM for harp and music theory.

How long does each lesson last?

It offers one on one lessons with a duration of 60 minutes plus a monthly master class with a duration of 240 minutes.

What else does this course offer?

  • It includes preparation for 2 yearly online recitals and for competitions.
  • It includes preparation for a solo recital for grade 8 students and performances as part of events in the local community.
  • It includes monthly master classes with a duration of 240 minutes.
  • It includes assignments and help through the Tonara app in between lessons.
  • If approved, the student can participate in the two yearly online recitals.
  • If approved, the student can have their recordings uploaded to the Academy’s YouTube channel and Facebook page as part of their online media presence as a student in the Academy.
  • The students covering the curriculum for grade 8 receive tuition focused on preparation for a yearly solo concert and for the grade 8 ABRSM examination.

Which platform is used for this course?

This course is on YOUBRIO. Every student will need to have a device with the YOUBRIO app downloaded on it or could use YOUBRIO on a computer.

Do I need to have a harp at home in order to enrol in this course?

Every student needs to have a harp at home in order to enrol in this course.

What is the cost of the yearly tuition and the different payment options?

​The price of the course is €4000 per school year with the option to be paid in 10 monthly installments of €400 per month, and it doesn’t include the music sheets.